The greatest trick of all for Mayseo, of course, is his M.C. quality.  His bright personality and warm heart shine upon the stage unhidden from the audience. 
There is something mystical about a Mayseo performance.  His cabaret effects visually and emotionally draw his audience into the fantasy he creates, holding the audience on the edge of their seats.
You are in for an entertaining treat.  Mayseo, The Great has traveled the world over and has returned with a "bag full of tricks" from Japan, the Philippines and New Zealand to mention a few.
Mayseo the Great, well known as William Mays, is the Founder and Director of the Magical Conservatory.  An Internationally acclaimed illusionist, Mr. Mays holds degrees in Psychology and Child Development.  He knows that when children take magic classes, it builds self-esteem, discipline and individuality.
Mayseo is an instructor for All About Kids, a performing arts conservatory, and the Kedren Community Center after school program. Mayseo the magician knows all the elements to help make children magical.
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